GFME Newsletter July - 2016

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We'd like to thank everyone for all the emails, phone calls, thoughts and prayers from all corners of the world as Neville recovered from his stroke - your support & love has been so wonderful. We are also very happy to report that we are back in the kitchen so the recipes for our Online Recipe Club can keep on coming! 

Cream Puff anyone?

Gluten Free Cream PuffHere's a great baking tip when making our cream puffs, éclairs or the savoury goureres (choux pastry with the addition of parmesan or gruyere cheese). Shape the dough as normal and FREEZE before baking. These can then be baked from frozen, allowing you to bake as many as you need each time! If making goureses, take small amounts of the dough and roll into a ball. Once cooked these can be filled with chutney or a little creamy cheese sauce using the balance as a dipping sauce. Delicious!!


Gluten Free French Bread

Croutons are great with Soup or Salad and being Gluten Free, you don't have to miss out! Our Baguette (french bread stick) recipe is fantastic for making these but any GF bread will work. Cut bread into cubes 2cm square and either toast in oven until crisp or pan fry in oil/butter until golden & crisp. Serve with soups or salads. These tips & more can be found by members of our Online Recipe Club in the "Baking Guidelines" section. 


New Recipes! We have a few since we last sent out our newsletter...

*Our latest recipes are always listed at the top of the Recipe page*

RecipeFish Batter:  Fish & Chips are back on the menu!! After many trials with different flour combinations we finally have a very nice, light & crisp fish batter. Use it with fish or even potato fritters or onion rings! By adding just a little more liquid you have an even lighter tempura batter for seafood and vegetables. 

RecipeMagic Bean Chocolate Brownie:  This brownie makes everyone happy! It's chocolatey & delicious and (don't tell the kids) it also contains the magic ingredient of beans (black, red or kidney). The beans create a moist brownie, plus add protein, fibre as well as a better shelf life (that’s if it lasts that long!!)  Perfect snack/lunchbox food to keep everyone's energy going! 

Recipe Donuts: Donuts are one of those comfort foods that are great for a treat every now and then but if you are GF you usually have to miss out. Now you can make them yourself! Make into the traditional circular donut dipped in cinnamon sugar or larger round donuts and add a filling to the center. Soooooo hard to stop at just one!
RecipeFrench Toast:  (FREE Recipe) Gluten free bread is perfect for french toast as its so good at soaking up the yummy vanilla eggy milk combo! Spoil yourself or your loved ones with a delicious breakfast this weekend.
RecipeCrispy Coconut Cookies: Buttery Coconuty Crispy Cookies! Fab with a cup of tea or just because! You can freeze the cookie dough in advance too which is very handy.
RecipeYorkshire Puddings:  By george we've done it again! These puffy little things took a bit of time to get right but the hard work paid off and now you too can have an essential part of a roast dinner! You can also use them to create appetisers by adding a filling. Great fresh or freeze a batch so that you can whip them out and re-warm ready to serve. 

As always, we love helping all of our lovely Recipe Club members with your GF Baking so please contact us if you need any help. And if you aren't yet a member, join here now!

Happy gluten free baking!


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