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A big thank you to all who came and spoke to us at the Gluten Free Food & Allergy Show in Christchurch a few weeks back! We loved demonstrating some GF baking skills and answering questions that you had. It was a very busy but enjoyable weekend. Over the last month we have received some amazing comments from many of you. It’s always nice to get feed back as to how the workshops and recipe club is helping so many. It is not always easy accommodating all the different allergies out there but when we get told “It has worked - I can now eat decent bread again!”, it is so very rewarding and humbling.


Christmas is a fantastic time of year filled with family and friends and of course that means festive food! We have some fantastic Christmas recipes in our Recipe Club and have a few more to publish very soon so if you aren't already a member, join now! We have traditional recipes such as Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Brandy Snaps & Shortbread but we also have a range of delicious canapes coming to you very soon so keep an eye out for them! 


Date SconeAs you know, we have a Recipe Club Online which allows us to change & update information and recipes quickly and easily for you. We've recently changed the Date and Cheese Scones. This gives you an ever evolving recipe book.The revamp of the Date and Cheese Scone recipe is now egg free and very easy to make. This is a wet mix but gives a better product than the original recipe - and if there are any left they last well for the following day too! 

Gluten Management

Gluten Management

Over the last few months Neville has been working with Terry Hoskins from Gluten Management on a Gluten Management program for restaurant, cafes, hotels etc to help people understand about gluten free food preparation and contamination issues. Terry provided the information below on the service:

If you own a restaurant, café or other type of commercial facility,  Gluten Management would like to support you in raising the standard of gluten free food you provide to your customers.  It’s all too easy for food providers to label food ‘gluten free’ when it is not, or at risk of being contaminated.  Customers are becoming increasingly aware of this fact and look for evidence, beyond the gluten free label, that the gluten free food served is authentic and trustworthy.  They want to know that staff are trained to international standards to handle gluten free food.  They also want to know that the systems you use are robust and provide safe gluten free outcomes.

Regulations regarding the use of the term gluten free are strict.  Prosecution can occur if food labelled gluten free is not.  More importantly though, you could cause serious harm to people with gluten related disorders if you serve them food containing gluten.

This is where our association with Gluten Management Ltd comes in.  Gluten Management provide a whole range of services to help commercial food providers train staff and develop safe systems that customers with gluten related disorders can trust, when they order gluten free food from your facility.

We value your opinion about this great new service so we recommend you check out services and let us know what you think.  Please email your comments to to be in to win a free on-line Gluten Free Food Handler training course.  In addition you could also win a free consultation for your business to help you provide authentic, wholesome, and secure gluten free food to international standards.  

New Recipes!

RecipeGolden Steamed Pudding Recipe:  Steamed puddings are an old classic which has a lovely sticky golden syrup topping adding that little something special to it. Serve warm with custard, cream or ice cream. 

RecipePotato Gnocchi Recipe:  a lovely Italian dish which is easy to make and can be served with many different sauces or simply pan fried with butter.

New Zealand News:

Workshops coming up in New Zealand:

The workshops are coming to an end shortly with only two left before Christmas! Dates and venues for these are posted on our FaceBook page and also on our web site.The next workshop dates are:

  • 5th December - Tauranga
  • 12th December - Pukekohe (last one of 2015!)

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, to please get in touch and book your spot as we limit the spaces available to make sure you receive an amazing learning experience .  To book or find out more, please contact us. For more information see here


If any GFME Recipe Club Member in New Zealand purchases a Kenwood Mixer over $700, please contact us as GFME Recipe Club Members are entitled to a $100 cash-back voucher!

Reminder that we are here to help!

If you are a paying member of the GFME Recipe Club, you can contact us at any time for help with your gluten free baking needs.  Something you want to create? A recipe not working for you? We love to help so please call, email or we can even skype!

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