GFME Newsletter Aug / Sep - 2015

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A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of being invited to the South Pacific Island Forum at the University of Auckland. This was a great evening talking to different people from around the Pacific and getting to know about their products. One product I know a lot of you use is coconut sugar. All of the Islands grow the coconuts but not all produce the sugar. The reason for this is that they sacrifice the coconut to produce the sugar. Coconut sugar can be swapped for cane sugar in baking giving your baking a nice flavor that is not as sweet as cane sugar. Please note coconut sugar does not react with yeast therefore do not use when baking breads.


We have had some lovely feed back from Susannah in Wellington. Susannah rang Neville to confirm the Savoury Pie Pastry would last overnight for use the next day if kept in the fridge - which it will! A couple of days latter we received this message:

“Hello Judy and Neville, The Savoury Pastry is a dream to work with, came together well in the processor the next day it rolled out so well and didn't crumble or crack at all. I had a little left over from the bacon and egg pie so I made some sausage rolls. Absolutely delicious and so tasty. I'd recommend this pastry to anybody. Kind regards Susannah"

Bread Rolls

Neville has been experimenting with the bread rolls and has found that you can par bake these making it great if you are in a hurry or would like nice fresh warm rolls with dinner. Roll the dough into rolls as per normal, spray with baking spray to prevent from cracking, prove to double in size and bake for 12 minutes. Freeze when cold. When required, pre heat the oven to 180C, place frozen rolls in the hot oven and bake for 6-8 minutes or until heated through. Imagine nice fresh rolls for lunches! 

Egg Alternative

We have been experimenting lately with something called aquafaba, which is the liquid (brine) of canned chick peas. This brine can be whipped up and used in place of eggs in recipes such as meringues, macaroons & pavlova.  3 tablespoons of the liquid is equal to approx 1 egg. We have tried using this in a cake by whipping the brine up and gently folding it through the cake batter at the end, and it has helped with the lightness and rise of the cake. This is great for anyone who wants / needs to be egg free. Let us know how your experiments go, we would love to hear your feedback.  It sure does whip up like egg whites! 


We have now finalized dates for workshops in Pukekohe, Hamilton, Norsewood in the Manawatu and Tauranga dates for these are at the end of this newsletter. If you are interested in any of these please get in touch as spaces for some workshops are limited and filling up fast! Email for more information and bookings.

New Recipes!

RecipeFig Newton Recipe:  If you love figs - these are for you! A wonderful fig and pastry combination that the whole family will enjoy. 

RecipeSeed and Nut Toffee Slice Recipe:  This toffee nut and seed slice is easy to make and not too sweet. With the crisp biscuit base topped with a combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruit it’s very hard to stop a one piece. It can be made dairy free using coconut condensed milk.

RecipeEnergy Bliss Balls Recipe:  FREE Recipe Energy balls are great for a healthy energy snack. There are many different combinations of fruit and nuts that can be used so feel free to experiment!

New Zealand News:

Workshops coming up in New Zealand:

The workshops are now up and running again!! Dates and venues for these are posted on our FaceBook page and also on our web site.The next workshop dates are:

  • 12th September Norsewood  Manawatu
  • 26th September Rotorua ( Full )
  • 17th October Auckland Central ( Full )
  • 14th November Pukekohe
  • 21st November Hamilton
  • 5th December Tauranga

It is really important if you are interested in attending one of these workshops, to please get in touch so that we have enough attendees to go ahead with them.  We'd absolutely love to come to you and help you as much as we can!!  If you are interested in attending a workshop please email us. For more information see here


If any GFME Recipe Club Member in New Zealand purchases a Kenwood Mixer over $700, please contact us as GFME Recipe Club Members are entitled to a $100 cash-back voucher!

Help & Assistance!

As a member of the GFME Recipe Club you can contact us at any time for help with your gluten free baking needs.  Something you want to create? A recipe not working for you? We love to help so please call, email or we can even skype!

Happy gluten free baking!




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