GFME Newsletter Jul - 2015

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Wow winter is definitely here! So we hope you are all keeping warm.. of if you live in warmer parts fo the world, catch some rays of warmth for us! Soup has therefore been on our menu in our house recently and a favorite is our Curried Pumpkin and Kumara Soup. Its very quick & easy to make: Place cut & peeled pumpkin & kumara into a large saucepan, add water or chicken stock, curry powder to taste, a diced onion if desired, and cook everything until soft. Puree or mash and season with salt and pepper then serve! Yum!

Which Flours to Use?

We are often asked which GF Flour Blend should you use when a recipe calls for GF flour or when substituting wheat flour? There is no singular blend that will work for every recipe or type of baking. Each blend has different quantities of the various flours which then makes all the difference to the end product. We use specific flours and blends for each recipe because we've taken the time & expense to test them for you... or even create new ones if our standard blends don't fit!  You can find all our standard blends on our Flour Blends Page in the members area.

Collapsing Bread? 

Is your bread collapsing on the top or sucking in too much on the sides?  This is often due to the oven temperature running slightly cooler than its setting. We suggest baking at a higher temperature and for a little longer and it will often fix this problem very easily. Also, please check the size of your eggs as if they are larger than the recipe, reduce the amount of water used by weight. Check our our Bread Baking Guidelines and FAQs in the members area to get further information and tips like this.

Flaky Pastry 

We know you would all love a Flaky Pastry that doesn't take eons to make and that works like it should! This has been a source of frustration over the years for Neville and he keeps going back to it time and again. We've been trialling different flours and combinations, checking results, thinking about it and trialling all over again. We are getting closer!! Over the last few weeks he has managed to get a very nice pastry that flakes and tastes great but he is still not happy, so hopefully in the next couple of months we will be able to release a nice Flaky Pastry recipe that doesn’t take hours to make! Watch this space...

July's New Recipes!

RecipeBasic Cookie Recipe:  This is a great plain biscuit mix that can be turned into so many different flavoured cookies easily. Some of the combinations we like are macadamia nut and dried apricots, ginger spice with finely chopped crystalized ginger, or dried cranberries or blueberries. So easy to throw together - simply put all ingredients into the mixer, shape & bake! These keep very well and are fantastic for lunch boxes.. 

Recipe 2Strawberry & Rhubarb Tart: FREE Recipe using our sweet pastry! Using pastry to create a simple fruit dessert like this is so delicious!! We love this dish hot with some cold ice-cream or yoghurt served on the side... but if any is left over its pretty fabulous cold too.

New Zealand News:

Workshops coming up in New Zealand:

The workshops are now up and running again!! Dates and venues for these are posted on our FaceBook page and also on our web site.The next workshop dates are:

  • 11th July - Pukekohe (Auckland South)

There has been a request to hold a workshop in Noreswood which is in the Manawatu-Whanganui area. Also workshops in Rotorua and Tauranga areas have been requested and we are hoping to hold these in the next 2-3 months. It is really important if you are interested in attending one of these workshops, to please get in touch so that we have enough attendees to go ahead with them.  We'd absolutely love to come to you and help you as much as we can!!  If you are interested in attending a workshop please email us. For more information see here


If any GFME Recipe Club Member in New Zealand purchases a Kenwood Mixer over $700, please contact us as GFME Recipe Club Members are entitled to a $100 cash-back voucher!

Help & Assistance!

As a member of the GFME Recipe Club you can contact us at any time for help with your gluten free baking needs.  Something you want to create? A recipe not working for you? We love to help so please call, email or we can even skype!

Happy gluten free baking!




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