GFME Newsletter Jun - 2015

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We would like to thank all of you for the lovely comments and get well messages over the last few weeks. I am now in recovery mode and doing very well. We didn't manage to get a newsletter out in May nor hold any workshops but we are now back on track!!!

It was fantastic meeting so many of you at the Auckland Gluten and Allergy Free Show recently! The feed back we have had about being able to see Neville demonstrating how to shape the breads has been amazing. Being able to pass on hints and tips while seeing how easy it can be to make bread rolls, panini’s, pita bread an French bread was like turning the light bulb on for many of you. Thank you all for the lovely comments  - it’s what makes all the hours spent in the kitchen so worthwhile!

It is also nice to get feed back from people to hear about how the recipes have helped change the way that you bake and cook. It is very encouraging knowing that we are helping so many. Don't forget, Neville loves being able to solve problems and seeing the end results so call, email or even post on our Facebook Page.

For example, a few people have had issues with the Bacon and Cheese Cob loaf spreading slightly on the tray. If you place the dough in a round cake tin this stops the dough from spreading and you get a very nice light loaf.  We had a very excited phone call from a lovely lady saying she just had to tell us that this loaf is just so easy she can make it every day, no need to freeze it, and her husband just loves it!

Grain Free Bread

We have been asked on many occasions if we had any grain free recipes especially for bread! Some people have felt that removing all grains from their diet has benefitted them and helped heal the gut. But of course people also don't want a recipe that contains nuts or coconut as the comments we get are “nuts are very expensive and I am over the flavor of coconut’. Nor do you want a recipe that contained 12-15 eggs for 1 loaf of bread! Some challenge!!!

This request has had Neville in the kitchen over the last few months - sometimes it takes that long to get the right flours and blend to make things work.  I have lost count of the number of loaves he has made but finally he has done it! And this has now been released. We are really proud of our grain free, nut free and dairy free bread.

Continental Bakery

We are always asked if we know of any places where people can go that are safe especially when traveling and they can’t make it them selves. We have had a lot of comments about a bakery in Rangiora just out of Christchurch that is solely dedicated gluten free. We don’t usually mention places but after a number of comments about this bakery we called in last month and were very impressed with the quality of the products on offer.  The Contentinental Bakery is at 138 Percival Street. It is a division of Continental and more information is available at their website -

April & May's New Recipes!

RecipeGluten Free Waffles:  Waffles are a very versatile and great for breakfast, brunch or dessert. Whether they're drizzled with maple syrup or topped with berries and whipped cream, these are always going to please! The waffles freeze well and can be reheated by popping in the toaster for a couple of minutes to crisp up. 

Recipe 2Feijoa & Date Loaf: With feijoa season here in New Zealand, we have made this lovely loaf that keeps really well and is easy to make as there is only one pot required. This is a very nice loaf for morning tea, afternoon tea or in a lunch box.

Recipe 3Grain Free Bread: This nutrient rich bread uses different grain free flours and starches resulting in a very nice soft loaf with a slight wholemeal taste that keeps well. It is also free of dairy, cane sugar and nuts and freezes well.

Recipe 4Chocobeet Cupcakes: have a lovely chocolate flavour and have a nice moist texture. Easy to make, these can be created quickly and easily!

New Zealand News:

Workshops coming up in New Zealand:

The workshops are now up and running again!! Dates and venues for these are posted on our FaceBook page and also on our web site.The next workshop dates are:

  • 13th June - Pukekohe (Auckland South) 
  • 27th June - Pukekohe (Auckland South) 
  • 4th July - Auckland Central

If you are interested in attending a workshop please email us. For more information see here


We would like to pass on our congratulations to Kenwood for the Prestigious Gold iF (International Forum) Design Award they recently received for their new Chef Sense Mixer. This is an internationally renowned Award with thousands of entries from all over 50 countries. Here are some comments from the judges about this machine.

“Everything about this machine is perfect: it’s sturdy, it’s easy to clean and it delivers very high performance,” said the Design Jury. “Using high-end materials, all these functions have been translated into a very clean and clear design concept that instantly communicates trust, efficiency and high quality.”

If any GFME Recipe Club Member in New Zealand purchases a Kenwood Mixer over $700, please contact us as GFME Recipe Club Members are entitled to a $100 cash-back voucher!

Help & Assistance!

As a member of the GFME Recipe Club you can contact us at any time for help with your gluten free baking needs.  Something you want to create? A recipe not working for you? We love to help so please call, email or we can even skype!

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