GFME Newsletter Mar - 2015

Hello Visitor,

Happy March!

We had a lot of feedback after last month’s newsletter about biscuits spreading over the tray. So many of you sent email saying something similar had happened to you! A further cause can be the difference between using butter and margarine. Margarine has a higher water content than butter and in some cases you may need to reduce the amount used. We are here to help when things like this happen, so please email and Neville is only too happy to help!

Back to School

There are a number of recipes on the recipe club that are great for school lunches.

Fruit logs are easy to make, they freeze if needed and cost a fraction of the commercial ones, plus you can ensure the quality of the ingredients that go into them.

Crackers are another great thing to put into lunch boxes. Along with a little container of humus they make an awesome morning snack. I always have to have crackers in the cupboard for when our grand children come to visit as it’s the first thing they ask for when they walk in the door! Parmesan is their favourite flavour but you can put any herb or spice in you like.

Finally, any of the savoury pastry recipes can be used to make mini quiches or pies that are always well received by everyone.

January's New Recipes!

RecipeWhite Chocolate & Berry Creme Brulee:  can be made ahead of time making it ideal for a special occasion. The berries blend beautifully with the white chocolate, but it is not as sweet as you would expect! 



Recipe 2Carrot Cake: We have had so many requests for a carrot cake. Our version uses grated apple, carrot and spices making for a moist cake that keeps well. Topped with the traditional cream cheese icing this is an awesome family favourite.


New Zealand News:

Workshops coming up in New Zealand:

Unfortunately, due to a pending operation, we have had to put the workshops on hold. We hope to be running them again very soon but in the meantime the online recipe club will still have new recipes posted.

If you are interested in attending a workshop please email us and once we are back up and running we will contact you and let you know dates and venues. Alternatively keep an eye on our Facebook page or website for new dates once available.


If any GFME Recipe Club Member in New Zealand buys a Kenwood Mixer over $700, please contact us as GFME Recipe Club Members are entitled to a $100 cash-back voucher!

Help & Assistance!

As a member of the GFME Recipe Club you can contact us at any time for help with your gluten free baking needs.  Something you want to create? A recipe not working for you? We love to help - so call, email or we can even skype!

Happy gluten free baking!


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