GFME Newsletter March - 2016

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Wow what an amazing Summer we've had here in NZ and now Easter is next week! I know members of our Recipe Club will have already been making our Hot Cross Buns so a few suggestions of other recipes that work really well at this time of year:

Other Intolerances & Allergies?

When we're in the kitchen creating tasty new recipes, we are always mindful of all the different allergies  & intolerances out there. We do our best to cater for as many allergies in each recipe. On our Recipes page you can add a filter to see which GF recipes can also be made Dairy Free or Egg Free etc. Have a try! 

Top Tip: Cookies spreading all over the place??

Date Scone

If your cookies are not behaving and are spreading themselves all over the tray when you bake them... chances are your butter or spread is too warm. Take your butter out of the fridge only a little before using or if using a dairy free spread, use straight from the fridge. Even better, if you have time, pop the cookies back into the fridge for 15 minutes to firm up before you bake. This tip and many more found on our Baking Guidelines page for all members of our Recipe Club.


New Recipes! We have a few since we last sent out our newsletter...

RecipeWeet-Bix Chocolate Slice:  Big & little kids all around the world love this slice. You can also make it using quinoa flakes or rice flakes. Our grandkids love getting messy with us in the kitchen and this is one of their favourites to help make themselves. 

RecipePeach & Ginger Pie:  Make this now while there are still fresh peaches around as it is totally devine! Saying that, equally as good with canned!! Using our sweet pastry recipe you'll love the combo of Peach & Ginger.

Recipe Appetisers:  We created a selection of dips for you to top your crostinis. Crostinis are easily made from our French Baguette recipe and can be made in advance which is perfect for entertaining. Avocado & Prawn, Pate & Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon & Avocado - classic mixtures that will make your occasion really special.
RecipeStuffed Chicken & Mushroom Potato Balls:  Savoury flavours suit entertaining so well and these bite size morsels are perfect! Why don't you get creative and change the filling to another favourite combination... mmm the possibilities!
RecipeStrawberry Almond Roulade (FREE RECIPE): Wonderful & light and surprisingly easy to make! Here we have a little ground almonds in the mix which helps with keeping the roulade pliable making it easy to roll. Any fruit of fruit pulp can be used as a filling. This one has whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Your friends & family will really appreciate this dessert!

New Zealand News:

Workshops On Hold for Now but Still Here to Help! 

Unfortunately Neville suffered a mild stroke at the beginning of the year. He is recovering really well however while his body recuperates, we aren't holding any workshops for the moment. We are however, still creating new recipes and of course for all members of the recipe club we still love to offer our expertise for any baking conundrums you have. Please get in touch if you need any assistance!

Happy gluten free baking!


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