Why did we start GFME? 

Neville first trained as a chef in the Army and has always loved to feed people. He has been a top chef at Fine Dining restaurants through to First Class catering at Auckland International Airport. He became aware of the struggle some people face when he was asked to teach a mother how to make food for her children with severe allergies. Then when we ran our own café, he couldn’t bear it when he couldn’t feed a customer who had Coeliac Disease, so he started developing his gluten free and allergy friendly recipes and techniques. That was 17 years ago and now we have our Online Recipe Club where we can shares Neville's recipes, our baking guidelines and tips, flour blends, and baking support. We are constantly developing new recipes to inspire you and to expand your repertoire.

As well as helping those with Coeliac Disease, it is also rewarding to help parents with children on the Autism spectrum or with behavioural issues that benefit from a gluten free diet. It is so wonderful to see parents catering for their own children’s requirements with confidence! We have also expanded our recipes to include other allergies ranging from wheat, dairy, corn, potato, yeast, sugar and egg.

Our vision is to give people the tools and confidence to bake beautiful gluten free and allergy friendly food! 


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FULL - 10th July 2021 - Pukekohe

FULL - 7th August 2021 - Pukekohe

Final workshops - we will not be running more after these dates.